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What's Holding You Back?

So, I guess I'm officially blogging. People have told me for years, "You should blog!" "Your Facebook posts are so funny, do you blog?" "I love your writing, why don't you blog?"

I was unaware that the term "blog" was a verb, not just a website where I find recipes that I'll never actually cook and home projects that I will never finish, but I digress... In short, I'm blogging.

My choice to blog, came from a desire to share a secret with all of you. You see most of my Facebook friends, and likely a large portion of my "real life" friends, are probably unaware of just how much I love what I do. Now, I don't refer to it as a "job", because that insinuates that I do what I do merely to get paid. "Put food on the table" as they say. And yes, while I do get paid for what I do, at my core, I'd rather my "job" be quantified by the number of "Main Street Investors" (otherwise known as "everyday people") that I can save, as opposed to the number of dollars put in my bank account.

I recently took a Spiritual Gifts test at my church. This is a test that helps you determine what would be your greatest asset or role to the church, based on your "God Given" gifts. I was almost certain prior to taking the test, that I'd be the first person who had ever failed, and thus had zero Spiritual Gifts, but luckily God proved to be gracious once again.

Now, it's no surprise that most of these gifts, dovetail from our personality traits. I have been known to "keep it real" or "tell it how it is". Could I be a little more sympathetic or sensitive when delivering some news? Sure, I'll own that! But I do pride myself in being pretty authentic, and from that I am able to identify authenticity (or sadly inauthenticity) in others.

This carried into Spiritual Gift Number 1: Discernment-by this gift, the believer is enabled to know immediately what is motivating a person or situation.

I've been told that I'm bossy (what?), perhaps controlling at times (never!), competitive (no need, I always win!), meanwhile protective of those that I love.

So naturally Spiritual Gift Number 2: Leadership- The Greek word for the spiritual gift of leadership is proistemi. This word means to lead, to assist, to protect and to care for others. This gift is closely tied to the gift of Administration (which was of course my 4th gift).

My third Gift is what brought me here today. I don't tell this story often, because words of affirmation or praise aren't my love language (acts of service ALL day, where my perfectionist-control freaks at?!?! 🙌🏼)!